Inspiring Young Minds to Dream Big

Exposing the Youth to a Wide Range of Inspiring & Educational Programmes.

Sports Bartosch Foundation Cape Town


Sport kindles children’s enthusiasm, steering them clear of destructive influences like alcoholism and drug abuse prevalent in their community. It fosters physical and mental well-being, offering a sense of belonging and achievement. Through our soccer training, we harness their existing passion to nurture teamwork, discipline, respect, compassion, leadership, and resilience skills.

Environmental Bartosch Foundation Cape Town


Bartosch Foundation deeply values environmental stewardship. We recognize the need to educate our future leaders about critical issues like plastic pollution, waste management, habitat preservation, and ocean conservation, given our proximity to the abundant natural beauty of the Western Cape. Through clean-up efforts and proactive engagement, we actively seek solutions to these global challenges.

Leadership Bartosch Foundation Cape Town


Every month, we welcome inspiring guest speakers from various backgrounds, including our own community, to motivate our children to achieve greatness. The Bartosch Foundation has evolved into a close-knit family, with our coaches providing vital mentorship and guidance. We’ve discovered that this is essential for creating enduring positive transformations in underprivileged communities.

Arts Bartosch Foundation Cape Town

The Arts

Nurturing children’s creativity and problem-solving skills is crucial. This fosters collaboration, dedication, and an appreciation for diversity. Artistic expression and play provide relief for youth in our program, who’ve had to mature quickly. At Bartosch Foundation, we foster their inner child through arts and crafts, aiding in trauma healing.


Bartosch Foundation empowers our youth through holistic education, not confined to desks. We expose children to diverse fields like farming, science, astronomy, geography and tourism, nurturing their curiosity and confidence to seize opportunities. Our exciting educational excursions inspire our kids to fall in love with learning! We also assist with their homework.

Heritage & Culture Bartosch Foundation Cape Town

Heritage & Culture

South Africa has a complex and rich diverse cultural heritage with a powerful history of overcoming segregation and at Bartosch Foundation we take it very seriously to honour and celebrate this, as we want our youth to feel proud of who they are, where they have come from and where they are going. We promote and celebrate cultural heritage!