Awards Ceremony 2022


Congratulations!! For our end-of-year function, we had a fun day playing soccer on Fish Hoek beach and swimming. We also had an awards ceremony and braai to reflect back on what we did throughout the year, how we have grown as an organisation and to congratulate the children on completing a year of our Soccer Sunday Program. It is important that the kids feel a sense of accomplishment and that we acknowledge their hard work and dedication. A few boys go the extra mile in their self-discipline and always motivate their peers so we had specific awards for different [...]

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Paint the Park – Masiphumelele Community Upliftment


Mandela Day 2022 Mandela Day 2022 was approaching and we spent a lot of time thinking about what would be the best way to give back to the community in Masiphumelele. We asked ourselves: “What would be a beautiful truly meaningful activity that we could look back and be proud of?” We decided to walk around to see what Masi needed and it quickly became very clear that the public play park was dirty and neglected. It used to be a place of joy and happiness for kids to gather and play but now looked like it had become [...]

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Teaming with Ladels of Love – Nelson Mandela Day 2023


Breaking The Ubuntu World Record For Mandela Day 2023, Bartosch Foundation took forty children from our Soccer Sunday program in Masiphumelele township to participate in an event hosted by Ladles of Love. Collaboration is key to changing lives in South Africa and as a foundation that admires the work they do, we wanted to help them achieve their goal of having the highest number of volunteers possible for such a meaningful cause. In the end, they reached their Ubuntu world record of 6003 participants. Volunteers could choose from a variety of activities such as making sandwiches for the homeless, [...]

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