Mandela Day 2022

Mandela Day 2022 was approaching and we spent a lot of time thinking about what would be the best way to give back to the community in Masiphumelele. We asked ourselves: “What would be a beautiful truly meaningful activity that we could look back and be proud of?” We decided to walk around to see what Masi needed and it quickly became very clear that the public play park was dirty and neglected. It used to be a place of joy and happiness for kids to gather and play but now looked like it had become a rubbish dump and was in desperate need of a makeover and splash of paint. So we gathered the kids and project makeover was in full effect! Another aspect of the problem was that it became an area for older kids to hide out, smoke, and do drugs which is something we do not want the children to be exposed to.

Creating a Happy & Safe Space

After a day of painting and cleaning up the litter… the joyful area came back to life! It is amazing what some fresh colour can do to liven up a place. The kids smiled and you could see how proud they were of themselves. Community upliftment is so important. When an area feels good it fosters healthy relationships and interactions within it. The impact of a clean and happy environment is paramount when trying to bring about positive transformation in the lives of our youth. The Masiphumelele Play Park is a symbol of happiness and childhood.

Written by Petya Bartosch

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At Bartosch Foundation we believe every child deserves a safe space to play. It is fundamental to a child’s upbringing.

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