Breaking The Ubuntu World Record

For Mandela Day 2023, Bartosch Foundation took forty children from our Soccer Sunday program in Masiphumelele township to participate in an event hosted by Ladles of Love. Collaboration is key to changing lives in South Africa and as a foundation that admires the work they do, we wanted to help them achieve their goal of having the highest number of volunteers possible for such a meaningful cause. In the end, they reached their Ubuntu world record of 6003 participants. Volunteers could choose from a variety of activities such as making sandwiches for the homeless, preparing soup jars, crocheting toys, packing stationery and essential kits and craft packs for children and much more. We spent our powerful 67 minutes on Mandela Day planting edible seeds of hope in recycled plastic cups for community gardens in underprivileged communities.

Honouring Mandela’s Legacy

It was incredibly inspiring and humbling to see so many people come together united by one goal, each doing their part to spread love and honour Madiba’s legacy. When humans come together, the opportunities are endless! We felt very proud to show what Bartosch Foundation is all about. The kids had such fun choosing their seeds, decorating their cups with colourful artworks and getting their hands dirty full of soil. Spinach was definitely the most popular choice! Other crops were radish, cabbage, kale and lettuce. They danced the afternoon away while planting because our station was right next to the live band. The atmosphere and laughter was contagious despite the heavy rain gushing through the Orangezicht Market at times.

At Bartosch Foundation, we are trying to educate the youth about the legacy of the great Tata Mandela, that we should take care of others, build our community to be a better place where everyone can feel good about themselves and achieve success regardless of their background or color of their skin.

Breaking Boundaries

Secondly, we encourage spirit of UBUNTU, “I am because we are.” No one is alone. Each child must build others up too, not only himself. They must become Mandela’s of their generation. Our soccer Sunday program is thus far more than soccer but a starting point to venture into deeper discussions, create opportunities for children to enrich their lives and experience new things breaking the limitations of a poverty mindset. Soccer is at the heart of our foundation but from that, we branch out and participate in important events and activities such as this Ladles of Love Mandela Day event.

The Power of Sport

Xolani Mahlulo our cofounder wrote a bit about the power of sports.. I have been living by Mandela’s words when he said “Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.” All my life have been living by these words that helped me to meet great people and most importantly, it helped me to find myself. I was able to discover my strengths and how to overcome my weaknesses. Today I coach the kids and I am a director of Bartosch Foundation, because I involved myself in sports. It is a great opportunity to give back to these kids and the community as a whole and to help them become a better version of themselves.

Written by Xolani Mahlulo 

Spreading Kindness Everyday

We are already excited for Mandela Day next year but the truth is that we have a responsibility to spread love and kindness and uplift those around us EVERYDAY, not only on Mandela Day. There is so much that still needs to change in our country and we owe it to our hero Mandela that we consciously continue his mission of equality and freedom for all.

Written by Petya Bartosch

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