My first time up Table Mountain

To us as Bartosch Foundation, going to Table Mountain was an exciting opportunity because it was our first time experiencing it, yet many of us have lived in Cape Town our whole lives. We went up the mountain by cable car and it took about 5 minutes to reach the top. The ride was very gentle and rotated while going upwards. My one friend was very scared though and needed Petya to stand with him. We took a walk around Table Mountain and we were amazed by the stunning city surrounded by the beautiful seas, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the famous Robben Island and the city of Cape Town.

There is so much to Learn!

We took images with our black Bartosch Foundation t-shirts to resemble the special day we had, the joy we had, and the day we would certainly not forget about as Bartosch Foundation. We learned that Table Mountain is known for its flat top and that is where it got its name from. We learned that it consists of fynbos vegetation, meaning the plants living in that area require less water. We were then told that the mountain had gone under a wildfire and we were also told that there was a positive result. The result was that the plants would pop out seeds which led to the multiplication of the plants. We learned that there were a few animals in the area, such as black lizards, and snakes. We also learned about Lions head.

Why is it important for children to explore outside of Masi?

It is important for us to explore and experience new things outside of Masiphumelele because it enhances the opportunity to gather new information and to use the gathered information to succeed in the future or use it as a solution to life problems. This would allow us to get new feelings and to feel amazed at what is around us right in our hometown. The day was perfect. Everyone was excited and had experienced a joyful moment.

How did you feel on top of Table Mountain?

In other words, the trip to Table Mountain made us as Bartosch Foundation feel united. It was an unforgettable moment. Being up Table Mountain for the first time was a great feeling to us all as Bartosch Foundation. To us, it was like having something to tell people about! People always talk about their trips up Table Mountain and we actually experienced it and the feeling of freedom up there. The feeling was a family-like feeling as the Foundation went through the marvelous times and unforgettable memories ahead of us.

Written by Sean Blankenberg, a participant in our Masiphumelele Soccer Program

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